Meet Sam Traub and Matt Higgins with GoodEats Meats who bring everything smoked BBQ to life.

The two founders of GoodEats Meats have a strong friendship that started in the Bay Area of California where they grew up together. Now they have embarked on a mission to bring homemade BBQ to Boulder and the world in convenient form, to be shared in the comfort of one’s own home.

The company was inspired by Matt’s passion for smoked BBQ. He started by cooking high quality, smoked pork that would satisfy any BBQ connoisseur. After two years doing odd jobs around town he finally had enough to buy the smoker and thus he began researching the process and crafting quality smoked BBQ. As Matt’s skill improved, word of his expertise got out. GoodEats Meats quickly became the go-to for supplying the food at gatherings of family and friends.

As word travelled – first among friends, and then friends of friends – Matt and Sam realized that they had stumbled upon an opportunity. As college students they realized that hosting catered parties was really expensive, and preparing everything from scratch was ridiculously time consuming. Enter GoodEats Meats, the perfect combination of BBQ and business expertise.

Founded in February 2015, GoodEats set out with the intention of making the average Joe a professional BBQ smoker. Their tagline, “Fresh, home made, done right” epitomises their mission. Matt and Sam spend over 48 hours marinating, smoking and preparing each batch, so that you can have it ready in two minutes.

GoodEats was founded on trust, passion, and honesty. For them, transparency – in every sense of the word – is a commitment that they make to each and every customer. These values are displayed not only in the business side of their venture but down to the packaging of their product. They have packaged the sauce separately from the meat so that each customer can see the quality of the product and have the convenience of adding the sauce themselves. Sam says “BBQ isn’t just about the sauce. The sauce should complement the meat but the meat itself needs to have the right smoky flavor.”

Sam and Matt both believe that Catalyze will allow them to take their business to the next level.  What they value most is that Catalyze offers a culture that fosters creativity and innovation by allowing cross team collaboration as well access to a vast array of mentors. GoodEats Meats is in there infancy as a company but with a huge demand for their product there consumers are excited for the company’s growth so that their fresh homemade BBQ can be shared with the world.

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