This an automated Rubik’s Cube solver that you can build with a Kitables kit.

The company Kitables, builds DIY (do-it-yourself) kits for people who like to build things. They ship the equipment and instructions necessary to construct tons of cool projects. Kitables, like most other startups, came out of series of strange events. Arieann, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitables, was at another start-up at the time when the CEO of that company had her making various chemical crystals. Her boss recommended selling how to make these crystals in a kit. Originally, Arieann brushed of the idea of selling these crystals in kits but on her birthday while driving up to the mountains it all clicked. She thought the idea wouldn’t work because she would run out of ideas on what to kit, but when she realized there was a website of instructables for seemingly infinite amount of projects, she knew she had something. Thoughts of the business flowed through her mind instantaneously. The name Kitables was formed and along with the tag line “get your DIY on”.

Then after sharing this idea with the rest of her start-up, the team transitioned to this new promising vision. They launched a Kickstarter campaign, raised money and gained a community. It all seemed like a new beginning for the team but then problems arose with the initial Founders and the team started to fall apart. Shortly after, it was just Arieann and her idea. Arieann then posted a job on Craig’s list where she met Malcolm. Arieann pitched Malcolm the idea over coffee and the two of them instantly hit it off. They both share a deep passion for building things. They mutually agreed that their skills were very complementary and the new Kitables team was formed.

Arieann and Malcolm grew up using their hands and building things. Being an engineer and making things came very naturally to them but they didn’t want to limit the things that they would build. Making kits for millions of different things to build was very appealing to them. They wanted to share their love of building things with the world by making the maker movement trendier and in order to do this, they needed to make it easier to adopt. They want to ship out kits in ascetically appealing packages with all the tools and instructions necessary to become apart of this DIY community. They understand that people like to build fun challenging things but the process of obtaining the challenge is hard to come by. They believe that the DIY community has many things to build for kids but a lack of more challenging things for adults. Their mission is to create kits for adults by increasing the challenge in the kits. They’re both already involved in this maker movement and believe there is something missing from this community. They wished there was something like this out there when they were younger and that it is why they’re passionate and driven about this company.

Arieann and Malcolm are very grateful for the opportunity to be apart of Catalyze as they saw it was necessary to get there prototype out for their Kickstarter campaign. They plan to utilize the mentorship that Catalyze offers to give them a greater understanding of how to market their products. Also the Kitables team is highly technical so getting access to the more business side on how to build a product is very valuable to them. This is a highly motivated and talented team which is why we believe that Kitables is going to revolutionize how to build complex things.

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