Eben Johnson

This is Eben, a world-class doer.

Eben is a guy who knows how to make things happen. Eben describes his perceptional advantage as an entrepreneur from his firm understanding of both engineering and business. This unique lens emerged from receiving a B.S in industrial management operations research from Carnegie Mellon as well as an M.B.A from UC Davis. His core philosophy behind his line of work is that “all of our needs as humans have been known to us since the beginning of time, our job is to bring new novel solutions.” Being an entrepreneur for Eben is part of who he is as an individual. Eben describes his technical problem solving ability as knowing that it is the “intersection of business and engineering” that allows him to tackle challenges. He has been a Co-Founder, Founder, and the first employee for about 7 different startups. He lives, eats and breathes the start-up world.

Eben thinks Americans are too insulated and takes it as his responsibility to prepare our engineers for the real world. When asked how he prepares the next generation of entrepreneurs, he mentioned, “Many of the engineers know how to do something. I am trying to suggest to them why.” Eben sees the big picture with things yet also has enough technical understanding to get things done. For any young entrepreneur out there, this is a guy you want to get to know.

One of the early founders of Catalyze approached Eben about getting involved with the program. Eben immediately knew this was something he was passionate about and took on the role last year as Managing Director. This year Eben is considered a super-mentor and teams like Big-Blue use him as an advisor on how industry and manufacturing work. Eben specifically likes electro mechanical manufactured goods and says he loves things made in factories.

He views Catalyze like any start-up. He envisions a lot of growth for what this accelerator can offer students and faculty. More people are becoming aware of what this program adds to the community. And like any other start-up it has shown growth, given there were more teams this year than last year. Eben thinks this is a very promising program in the Boulder community. He hopes that Catalyze can find its niche in this start-up community and offer value. He has a lot of faith in Mark as a Director and believes in what he can accomplish this year as he now has another year under his belt. The best is yet to be for entrepreneurship in Boulder, Colorado.




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